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Oct 2, 2012 6:00pm EDT
washington dc lilian mass univision .. un dia como hoy hace diez anos, james martin, de 55 anos, fue asesinado a tiros en el estacionamiento de un centro comercial en wheaton, en el primero de una serie de tiroteos que aterrorizaron a la region... john allen muhammed y lee boyd malvo asesinaron a 10 personas y varias mas quedaron heridas... muhammad fue ejecutado en el 2009.. mientras que malvo --quien era menor de edad en el tiempo que se cometieron los crimenes-- fue condenado a seis cadenas perpetuas...hay buenas noticias comercios.. segun un reciente informe, las cercanas fiestas navideÑas pueden ser prometedoras para sus ingresos, ingresos que muchos estaban esperando... con ansias...marta espera noviembre y diciembre.... temporada navideÑa que mejoraria sus planillas... "yo estoy esperando que tengamos mejores ventas, porque de verdad la necesitamos porque este tiempo que ha pasado, ha estado despacio" y por que no? sus ingresos podrian aumentar... nuevos datos de la federacion nacional de comercios, seÑala que las ventas aumentaran un promedio de 4.1 por ciento... economis
Oct 2, 2012 11:00pm EDT
attacks in our region. 55-year-old james martin was shot to death on october 2 2002. five of victims will remember their loved ones tomorrow. as part of the remembrance for the victims, a vigil will be held in gaithersburg thursday night. >> here is something a lot of people are talking about. a news anchor in wisconsin sounds off after a viewer takes aim at her weight. the letter to jennifer saying her physical appearance shows a lack of responsibility to her community. she fired back, and used the incident as an opportunity to open up a discussion about bullying. >> if you are at home and you are talking about the fat news lately, guess what? your children are probably going to go to school and call someone fat. >> national bullying awareness month, to our knowledge, the man who wrote the letter has not responded to the comments. >> closer to home, new at 11:00. people living in part of northwest washington dealt with flooding problems. >> millions of dollars of damage. that is in this section of d.c. tom roussey is live in your neighborhood to explain. >> we have been here and we
Oct 2, 2012 5:00am EDT
, a 55-year- old james martin was shot and killed in the parking lot. string of deadly sniper shootings that terrorized the region. >> i am a monster. i mean, if you look up the definition, that's what a monster is. .was a thie i stole people's lives = = a thief. >> john allen mohammed was executed in 2009. lee boyd malvo, a juvenile, was six life terms. a decade later, he says that he is remorseful. >> i am sorry. i am sorry. and it sounds -- there's no way what am i going to tell them? greg shots at close range in paul was one2002, of the first targets. i do believe he is a different person today than 10 ago. that being so, i don't think he should be plucked out of jail. still did it and is responsible for it. >> hearing those reactions from directly affected, the lasted theree of october the month in 2002. many people were so concerned about doing everyday things. reporting live in wheaton, carter, abc 7. >> the presidential candidates spending their last full day preparing for tomorrow's first debate. tahman bradley has the latest on denver.ming face-off in >> the stage i
Oct 2, 2012 6:00am EDT
years ago today, 55-year-old james martin was shot and killed in this week and parking lot the first in a string of deadly sniper shootings that terrorized the region. >>>> i was a monster. if, if, -- i mean, if you look up the definition -- i mean, that's what a monster is. i was a ghoul. i was a thief. i stole people's lives. >> they killed 10 people and critically injured three more. john allen mohammed was executed in 2009. malvo, a juvenile, was sentenced to six life terms. now a decade later in an exclusive interview with the washington post, he says his remorseful. >> i am sorry, i am sorry. and it sounds -- there is no way to express -- there is no way to express that. i mean, what am i going to tell them? >> shot at close range in september 2002, paul laruffa was one of the first targets in d.c. >> i do believe he is a different person today than 10 years ago. that being said, i don't think he should be let out of jail and he still did it and is responsible for it. >> we spoke with one man who works at this store. he started working here right after this first shooting happe
Oct 2, 2012 6:00am EDT
going through the window of a crafts store in aspen hill, maryland. an hour later 55-year-old james martin was killed in the parking lot of a shoppers food warehouse in glenmont. at first it seemed just like a random crime but the next day four people were shot and killed in the span of two hours across montgomery county. it took three more weeks before police arrested john allen mohammad and lee boyd malvo. the to werelinked to the shoot -- two were linked to the shootings which killed ten people and hurt three others. >>> rhett leverett was killed monday morning in northwest washington. he was hit by a car while walking his dog. the driver of the car had some kind of medical episode. he began teaching at marymount in 1991. he had a doctorate from catholic university. >>> tomorrow two d.c. council members will look into lowering the amount that we all pay for those red light and speed camera tickets in the district. going 11 miles over the limit will cost you $125 in some places. running a red light $150. council member mary shah and tommy wells will discuss whether or not the fine
Oct 2, 2012 5:00pm EDT
found 55-year-old james martin dead of a single gun shot wound. this was just the beginning. >> oh yeah, we have something that sounds like a gun shot. >> a little more than 12 hours after the warehouse shooting, the call came in for nicoleson lane and rockville pike. >> what's going on there? >> he is bleeding real bad. >> it wasn't until he arrived at suburban hospital that it was confirmed he had been shot. >> the man is dead. >> ma'am -- aspen hill and what? >> a panicked woman called 911 at 8:12 a.m. >> ma'am. ma'am. listen to me. what is wrong? >> a man has been killed in front of me. >> pat, then a 24 year veteran of the montgomery county fire and rescue was one of the first to arrive on the scene. >> shortly after, the female showed up in her car, got out, and she is wearing a dress and high heels and she starts putting on a bullet proof vest. if she's doing all this, we don't belong here. >> medics rushed her from the scene. he was in cardiac arrest. 25 minutes later, the first person to call 911 about the shooting of sarah ramos thought it was a suicide. >> yes, i
Oct 14, 2012 7:00pm PDT
of the 007 films have been made, we found james bond's aston martin. on screen, it was outfitted with machine guns, tire slashing hubcaps, and an ejector seat for those unwanted passengers. a secret agent's dream, but for the broccolis, it's also a business opportunity, perhaps the most successful product placement in film. sean connery started driving this model aston martin in 1964. since then, it's shown up in five other bond films. there's no doubt 007 has done a lot for aston martin's brand. and these days, there are plenty of other companies eager to get their products into his hands. >> "q": bmw... >> cooper: after the z3 roadster appeared in 1995's "goldeneye," sales of the car skyrocketed. barbara broccoli and michael wilson told us companies don't pay to be placed in a bond film, but agree to spend millions marketing the movies. heineken, 007's beer of choicexd in "skyfall", is spending $75 million on a worldwide ad campaign. getting sponsors on board with bond has been easy, but convincing daniel craig to take on the role of 007 wasn't. when he was offered the part... >> craig: i s
Oct 22, 2012 4:00am EDT
hopes of further stimulus. bank of japan meets october 30th. joining us for more, martin schultz. james is still with me in the studio. martin, good to see you. what's your own interpretation of the trade data, what it means for the economy and policy? >> well, these data are certainly quite bad in particular when we look at them at the seasonally adjusted level. we see that basically it has dropped tremendously low. so a strong impact. what's also important is that so far one or the other of the major markets of was slightly positive. this month in september we had them all in negative territory. so this is a big problem. >> so do you think we're going to flirt with the recession again? >> it looks like. i was still comparatively optimistic for the last quarter so far, but as long as global demand is not picking up, in asia we had positive signs and this is comes were getting a bit more cheerful that things for electronic, overall trade in asia were pick up quite a bit and we hope to participate in that more, but now with problems in china and on the other side japanese yen still being
Oct 2, 2012 2:30am PDT
't find out i hosted the charlie sheen roast." hugh jackman hosted in 2009, alec baldwin and steve martin in 2010. they tried to go young in 2011 with james franco and anne hathaway. and earlier this year, back to classics, billy crystal hosting for the ninth time. speaking of oscar hosts, two-time host, jon stewart, sat down last night on "the daily show" with former california governor arnold schwarzenegger. arnold making the rounds promoting "total recall," contains less than flattering details about his personal life including revelations about that affair with his former housekeeper. jon stewart tried to get into that subject by referring to arnold's acting career. >> so listen. so you obviously, you know, we've got to get the elephant out of the room. obviously what everybody's thinking about when they look at this is, what were you thinking with "jingle all the way"? i mean, seriously. just dreadful. just dreadful. did anybody ever say to you, like your family, don't do this, dude. don't, don't. >> i think that my kids have a hard time with that. >> sure. >> you know, look. this wa
Oct 22, 2012 7:00am EDT
millions to weather merchandise displayed in films is a tradition in james bond movies. but bringing heineken into the mix just is not right, say some fans. for them, the aston martin cars are fine, but not near. >> he's not supposed to drink beer. he's supposed to have a dog bearing -- have an expensive champagne. cracks between the action, does drink his trademark a vodka martini. the presence of the beer in the film is subtle, but the producers got a big bucks from heineken. a third of the $150 million budget came from different product placement deals, as reported. >> it is a necessity. people make such a big deal out of it. it is unfortunate, but we get movies made. that's all that matters. movie made and everybody wins. >> it is a necessary evil? >> i think it is, in a way. it's not like it is something new. it's been happening the last 50 years. i don't see it as such a big deal. >> but some directors to see product placement as a big deal, because the impact it can have on us if it controls filmmaking. >> befriended person who gives the product placement money will be on the
Oct 6, 2012 7:00am PDT
and ingenuity. best james bond car by far, aston martin db-5. cost more than most british citizens made during the course of a year when it came out. you see it in all the recent bond films as well. best james bond moment has to be when bond skis off a cliff at the beginning of "the spy who loved me," tumbles through sparks everybody watches it holds their breath until the james bond theme kicks in. >> you should give up smoking. significant relates are very bad for your chest. >> i think all of the actors who played james bond brought something unique to the role and really brought something to the series that has kept it alive. my favorite, of course, is sean connery, who introduced the world to james bond, made him a phenomenon. bayh close second, daniel craig. >> the name's bond. james bond. >> and daniel craig returns as james bond when "skyfall," the 23rd movie in the bond series debuts next month. >>> a mother could tell her 12-year-old son was acting strangely but didn't know why. we'll tell you what answered her question. so we invented a warning you can feel. introducing the all-new
Oct 16, 2012 1:00pm PDT
. james peterson, thank you both very much. >> thanks, martin. >> thanks, martin. >>> we are edging closer and closer to this crucial debate. stay with us. we'll be right back. my doctor told me calcium is efficiently absorbed in small continuous amounts. citracal slow release continuously releases calcium plus d with efficient absorption in one daily dose. citracal slow release. stop! stop! stop! come back here! humans -- we are beautifully imperfect creatures living in an imperfect world. that's why liberty mutual insurance has your back with great ideas like our optional better car replacement. if your car is totaled, we give you the money to buy one a model year newer. call... and ask one of our insurance experts about it today. hello?! we believe our customers do their best out there in the world, and we do everything we can to be there for them when they need us. [car alarm blaring] call now and also ask about our 24/7 support and service. call... and lock in your rate for 12 months today. liberty mutual insurance. responsibility. what's your policy? i'd like to thank eating right, w
Oct 17, 2012 6:00pm EDT
when baker and james harrison arrested a maryland student. celebrating a basketball win over duke. >>> a trial date is now set for george zimmerman in the trayvon martin case. a judge today set june 10 as the tentative start date for the florida neighborhood watch volunteer charged with killing the unarmed teen. zimmerman is charged with second-degree murder in the shooting of 17-year-old trayvon martin in february. the 29-year-old has pleaded not guilty. he claims the shooting was in self-defense. zimmerman's trial is expected to last about three weeks. firefighters make a horrifying discovery early this morning. they found five bodies after putting out a fire overnight in denver. but police say the victim did not die in that fire and tonight, they are calling it an arson homicide investigation. police believe the fire was set to mask the murders. >>> this is bruce johnson in downtown washington. this is a billion dollar city center project. we have a lot of small businesses working here, but you also have small businesses that are illegally fronting for illegal corporations. wha
Oct 2, 2012 11:00am PDT
, the must mali maligned lebron james opposed with hoodies after the murder of trayvon martin. i believe carmelo anthony's twitter page says i am trayvon martin. they did an entire basketball camp and dinner to raise money for barack obama that included anlt any and paul pierce and one of the people who was a ann owner. one that sponsored that event is michael jordan, who is often times is the anti-political athle athlete. >> that's a great point. i can't wait to read your book. see you soon. >> yes. >>> the death of a border patrol agent on the arizona border tops our look at stories around the nation today. one agent was killed and another wounded in the shooting. they were on horseback patrolling the u.s./mexico border southeast of tucson. they were investigating an alarm triggered by one of the many sensors along the border. no suspects has been identified. >>> american airlines said another plane had passenger seats that came loose during a flight. american says it happened last week on a flight to colorado from dallas/ft. worth. two other flights had similar problems this past week
Oct 23, 2012 10:00am PDT
as commander in chief? joining me now, be three experts former u.s. ambassador to israel martin, from brookings jane, former congresswoman and president of the woodrow wilson center and james zogby, president of the arab-american institute. thanks to all of you. first of all, jim zogby, what would you take away from the debate last night from mitt romney? you followed everything he has said from the beginning of this campaign and also his commitment to have israel's back? >> i don't know what to make of what we heard from mitt romney last night. i've been following him since this all began. a very different mitt romney showed up. i don't know whether the president we would get, be if he were elected, would be the one that was at the debate last night or the one who campaigned as a neo conservative these many months. i think there was a bit of dishonesty in terms of using strategy to mask policy. i don't know what policy is. i would suspect that the mitt romney that we saw for the last two years is the one who would go to the oval office and that's one i think that would make the situation in th
Oct 10, 2012 6:00am EDT
are $30. how about some famous people that were born in 1933, last playoff game in d.c. james brown, the musician. he was born in 33. carol burnett, michael kaine, the actor and justice ruth badder ginsburg, also born in 1933 and ironically, wisdom martin born in 1933. >> zing. >> i'll deal with you later. >> you can eat your cupcakes. >> i got my georgetown cupcakes. >> ' going to smash one in your face if you keep that going thank you, dave. >>> whether or not you are going to the game, metro and d- d.o.t. are asking people to avoid switching lines downtown on metro. you might want to take the new jersey avenue entrance to the navy yard ballpark station because it tends to be less crowded. also, make sure to have your smart trip card loaded or your fare card ready to go to avoid all those long lines at the fare machines. if you are driving, there are several street closures and we have got those listed on under web links. >>> look at the morning's on top stories. more trouble for former d.c. council chairman kwame brown. a judge is placing him under curfew after he mis
Oct 24, 2012 9:00am PDT
was often cloaked in the notion of american exceptionalism to keep them in place so that martin luther king, jr. was as great a patriot as we've been able to imagine and yet he was able to be critical of a nation. james baldwin said i love america more than anybody and why i reserve the right to criticize her. there is a tradition of speaking honestly to the issues that affect the american dream that keep it from being shared widely that is really patriotic at its roots but unfortunately the debate is so narrow and so shallow that everybody has -- you know, politicians are like bad wide receivers. they've got to spike the ball after every catch, promote themselves -- >> you are the king of metaphors. not even a question. in the beginning about alan west to say nothing of the politician alan west is, there is no chinese dream which is such a fundamentally flawed -- ludicrous statement. people in china are not dreaming the same dreams of like freedom and economic stability. >> i really don't understand how even if you want to promote the american dream that means you have to take down somebod
Oct 6, 2012 5:00am PDT
, i'm daniel craig and i'm hosting "snl" with muse. >> do you get to keep the james bond gadgets? >> i do. >> reporter: but some things haven't changed at all. that aston martin. connery changed one. so does craig. and that signature theme song written for the first film by monte norman. >> the moment i heard that, i knew i was on to the right thing. ♪ >> reporter: music is what brings us here to abbey road where the beatles recorded, and here's the connection. the first beatles record came out on the very same day as that first bond film, october 5th, 1962. it was the beginning of a revolution in popular culture. the beatles not only changed with the times, they helped define them. the band broke up long ago, of course, but the music carries on, and there's something very british about that. the beatles, like bond, are forever. for "today," keir simmons, nbc news, london. >>> just ahead, are chris brown and rihanna really back together again? and what message does it send to young women? but first, this is "today" on nbc. ♪ most paints have color that sits on the surface. but noth
Oct 6, 2012 7:00am PDT
. >>> auction of 007 memorabilia marked the 50th anniversary of the first james bond film, doctor no. roger moore introduced the items for sale in london. the 2008 ashton martin driven by daniel craig sold for more than $389,000. the 23rd bond film, sky fall, hits u.s. theaters on november november 9th. >>> baseball fever sweeps the bay area. the importance of today's game for the giants pitcher, matt cain, plus the friendly wager between the mayors of san francisco, and cincinnati. >> enjoyable day in the forecast for your weekend. outside the during, partly cloudy skies. it's a cool start in some areas. temperatures will run just slightly below normal. well a -- we'll have a look at what you can expect coming up. >>> including a reports that some picturing 6 young girls are being sold. last week, the principal of mill valley middle school wrote to parents about provocative photos of mid-elf and high school girls that were being passed electronically between schools. students say the girls send the picture of themself to someone, and that person passes it on to others. parents are being as
FOX News
Oct 7, 2012 3:00am PDT
wanted them to work. a running joke at mi-6 and the gadgets were james bond. >> alisyn: let's talk about how you rolled when were you a spy. did you have an aston martin that you drove around in? >> top-notch transportation? >> no, i didn't. actually for the most part i had a fiat, so it wasn't quite the same. >> alisyn: no. >> come on. >> alisyn: you did not have to drive in a pinto? >> i lived in london at the time i think pinto is more practical than an aston martin. >> clayton: what about a great sound track like this? ♪ >> oh. such a great sound track. so, there's no music that plays everywhere you go? >> again, again, no, although that said, most of my meetings with foreign spies, assets were in hotels, so my experience was rather more that it was hotel music, elevator type music, the four seasons, that kind of stuff. it wasn't quite inspiring james bond sound track. >> alisyn: let's get to the serious stuff. obviously, james bond did have a license to kill. that was part of his motto and license to kill and you must have as well. >> clayton: it's interesting because we were loo
Search Results 0 to 30 of about 31 (some duplicates have been removed)